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Do I Need an Attorney?

We are asked very often by potential clients in all sorts of matters whether they need a lawyer. This question mostly comes about regarding representation in family matters and criminal defense. We believe that the question that most clients are actually asking is whether the outcome of the matter will justify the expense of hiring an Attorney. The answer to whether you need an attorney can only be answered after you have visited with an attorney and that attorney is allowed to gather enough information from you to have a basic understanding of the issue that you are facing. Benson Law Firm provides you with a free visit so that Benson Law Firm can review your matter with you and you can decide if you need an attorney. It has been said that proceeding through a legal matter is not much difference than playing basketball, football or baseball….if you don’t know the rules you will always get beat.”

Benson Law Firm recommends that you consult with an attorney at your earliest convenience should any of the following happen:

  • If you are in a car wreck that is not your fault
  • If you have been charged with any sort of criminal offense
  • If you have been served with a law suit.

Warning: Benson Law Firm supports free access to our Courts. However, Benson Law Firm also supports the protection of consumers and defends the rights of consumers. There are increasing incidences of persons not licensed to practice law and internet legal form sites preparing “simple” legal documents for pro se parties to file and present in Court without the benefit of an attorney. These documents are provided for what appears to be a value compared to what a licensed and experienced attorney might charge. The value of these documents prepared by a person not licensed to practice law can quickly disappear. Your rights may not be protected and you may not be getting what you think you are getting. The result is that you may end up with an unintended damaging result that may or may not be able to be fixed. If it is able to be fixed, you will probably pay an attorney quite a bit more money to resolve the problem than what it would have cost to hire the attorney on the front in. As such, it is recommended that you consult with an attorney. Actions as described above taken by persons not licensed to practice law may have both criminal and civil repercussions. You may report any non-lawyers providing legal services and “simple” documents to the Supreme Court of Arkansas Committee on the Unauthorized Practice of the Law at 501-376-0313 or 1-800-506-6631.